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My Meagle!


California, United States

Posted September 25, 2013

I wasn't looking to get a dog, but something about Maximus' picture on the shelter's Facebook page just tugged the strings of my heart. He had been there about two months, and I think it was 'getting close' for him. On a whim, really, I decided to go pick him up. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The vet informed me that he's a 'meagle' (beagle/min-pin cross), which was also the shelter's independent assessment. People have asked if he's everything from a chihuahua to a baby Rottweiler! He gets a lot of compliments on his appearance when we go out, especially on his incredibly shiny coat. Other dog owners are constantly asking me what I feed him. (Blue Buffalo, in case you're wondering, but I think he comes by the shiny coat naturally!)
Maximus and I are perfectly compatible, workout-wise. He's incredibly agile and loves joining me for runs and walks, as long as it's not too hot outside...Which leads me to my next point.
He's extremely temperature sensitive for some reason. This little guy prefers a 'Goldilocks' temperature, so the Southern California climate is ideal for him. When I've brought him on trips to the east coast, he's been aggravated by the hot, muggy weather, and even more so from the cold.
He LOVES children, HATES homeless people—this is incredibly embarrassing, but he will bark at homeless people. Not sure if it's a breed-specific thing or if it's because he had a bad experience when he was a stray. He's very affectionate with me, my family and friends, and I would consider him a lap dog.
I groom him myself because he's acted out twice at the grooming place (chewing off his collar-have no idea HOW he even did that!) and peeing on a groomer! This is because he doesn't like the sound of the dryers they use. When I bathe him myself, he's fine.
Maximus knew tricks (sit, stay, roll over, shake) when I first got him, and now I'm trying to teach him how to army crawl, which is really fun! He loves fetch, which is a good way for us to have fun and bond at the dog park.
I would describe him as submissive with the other dogs, but not a pushover. Toys of all sorts are big with him, but I can't just get him any toy, as he'll chew right through 99.9% of them. Which leads me to the chewing...Maximus has separation anxiety sometimes, and has chewed more than a few things in my apartment! The memory of my rain boots surfaces...sigh. Anyway, I've noticed that his anxiety does improve when we work out more.
He definitely has his quirks, but all in all, I've found him to be an extraordinary buddy. And have I mentioned that he's INSANELY cute?

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