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Beagles--the Renaissance Dog


Georgia, United States

Posted May 3, 2014

Beagles are the everyman's dog. Mine's a mix, however, he's got all of the beagle traits: loud (barks a lot!), boundless energy, jumps, stocky build, and truly loves being a part of a pack. Generally, I think beagles are a great "starter dog," but families should be advised this breed needs *a lot* of training.

The Good

Beagles love people. They're as "pack" oriented as it gets. If you're looking for a friend or a third "appendage", a beagle is the best choice. My dog is so attached he can't even be bothered to sleep in a different room while I'm working. He's always by my side. Second, they're observant. I never have to worry about strangers coming unannounced to my home.

The Bad

You probably can guess--they're loud! I mean really loud. Beagles bark at any noise, unless properly trained. It's instinct for this breed to bark at every knock on the door and every ring of the doorbell. Also, they have a tendency to be aggressive to small animals. My dog pretty much chases anything from squirrels to rabbits. Lastly, they tend to be "clingy," meaning they are easily afflicted with separation anxiety. I had to teach my dog not to anxiously chew wires while I was away.

The Smelly

Never stand next to a beagle that's been doing laps in a local pond. My beagle mix, Mac, smells sooo bad after he's been swimming. Crazy too, because he hates to swim!?

Overall, if you're looking for a dog that's dedicated despite it's flaws, a beagle is best (mixes too!).

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