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Oklahoma, United States

Posted July 14, 2012

Well, we got Jude when he was 9 or 10 weeks old - the previous owner actually found his litter and their mama underneath her trailer outside, so she took them in and cared for them until they were old enough to find new homes. She gave away all the puppies but kept the mama!

From the beginning, Jude was EXTREMELY energetic and feisty - as many Beagles are. We knew right away that he wasn't a full-bred Beagle and could tell from the way his siblings looked that he had some Lab in him, which was even more apparent as he grew older. He was an adorable puppy, with lovely markings and beautiful blue eyes - but he was also a handful! Bit us constantly, wouldn't let us pet him, chewed on everything....I thought this was all typical puppy behavior, as I've been around dogs and puppies my entire life. My grandmother breeds dogs, after all, so I've been around dogs more than most people!

Jude was a different story altogether, though. As he grew older, his temperament grew worse. He started jumping on us and would jump up and pull things off of our kitchen counters! He would tear up anything he could get his teeth on! He would claw and snap at us every time we tried to pet him or kiss him! All he wanted was to play, constantly! Again, typical puppy behavior.

However, as he grew older and we tried to train him, he simply wouldn't listen to us. The only thing he learned - surprisingly - was to sit on command (but even that he sometimes only does when he feels like it, other times he ignores us.) He eventually lost his baby teeth, but the biting and chewing has not stopped. He also likes to run and pounce on us, which has left scars all over my arms from his claws. He also barks at EVERYTHING! If he hears people outside, he barks. If he sees another dog, he barks. If he sees a car driving by, he barks! He'll even bark at us in opposition and defiance if we aren't showing him adequate attention or have him leashed up in time out. He is extremely stubborn and almost never listens to us!

He DOES let us pet him now, but only near his head, neck, and back. If we try to rub his tummy he'll snap at us. If we start petting him while he's lying down, he'll instantly rise into a sitting position and won't lie down for us. Sometimes if he gets excited, he won't let us pet him at all and will try to bite at us! And he gets excited VERY easily and has so much energy - he's just a mess!

Now that the negatives are out of the way, let me list some positives. He is very smart - truly, he is. He learned what the word "sit" meant without us really trying to even teach it to him and he became potty trained within a week of training him - seriously, a week! He's also a very good watchdog, as he barks at everything and doesn't like it when strangers are in our house. At first he didn't take well to our extended family, but now he has no problem with them at all and will let them pet him freely. He's become more and more sweet as he's gotten older, and loves to get loved on at certain times and loves to play - he even gives more and more kisses now, whereas used to he would only bite us (though he still bites - but he never breaks the skin or draws blood.)

It's really a toss-up with Jude. My husband wants to get rid of him - I want to keep him. Yes, he's a mess. Yes, he bites. But he's our dog and a part of our family (at least that's how I see it) and you wouldn't give away a child that misbehaved, so why would you give away your pet? He's getting better and better as time passes and he's not even a year old yet. I DO love him, even if he isn't exactly the sweet, loveable lapdog I would have liked.

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