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Oak Park, California, United States

Posted October 12, 2016

A sweet girl with a ton of energy, Sunny, our beagle and labrador mix looked just like a little lab. My most endearing memory of Sunshine Butterscotch (yes, the kids named her) was when my daughters put bunny ears on her. She’d rise up on her hind legs and hop up and down.

I blame myself for how difficult she was to train. See, Sunny was my first dog ever. I mistakenly treated her like a baby instead of a puppy and never left her alone. When it rained outside, I’d walk out with her with an umbrella over us so she could pee without getting wet. As a result, she never cared for water very much. I learned a lot with Sunny and she was a great teacher. As a puppy, she’d constantly pull the leash on our walks. I never went fast enough for her, it seemed. She was a great family pet, although we did run into a few problems with her barking on occasion. We lived in a community with a lot of neighbors and our houses were close together. Sometimes the beagle in her won out–like with the barking–and other times the labrador did. But most of the time she was just conflicted, like not knowing whether to point or sniff when on the trail of something interesting.

I remember one Easter. Sunny got into one of my daughter’s Easter baskets and ate a bunch of chocolate eggs, leaving a trail of glittery foil in the living room. We’d heard that chocolate can kill a dog, so we were devastated. But there she was in the morning, hopping up and down in her bunny ears when my daughters gave her a bowl of food for breakfast.

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