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Beagle Mix


United States

Posted June 8, 2015

Lolly is the pride of joy of my life. She is extremely calm, quiet, and well behaved. She is very affectionate, and loves to lick and cuddle. Even though she is a beagle mix, she barks only on very rare occasion when she feels one of us is threatened (by an oncoming skateboarder who is too close, for example).

We have to be careful with Lolly's diet, however, because it is as if she lacks the chemical in her brain that tells her when she is full. If we let her, she would eat and eat forever without stopping. Fortunately, she's not picky and will eat just about any brand of kibble (though we feed her what her vet recommends).

Lolly was very quick to learn training. She had one accident in the house when we first got her and then she never peed in the house again. She will pee in our yard, but she only poos on her walks, which are once or twice daily.

I taught her to sit, which she learned within days. Within only a few weeks she learned to lie down, roll over, come, stay, and high five. Her only weakness is when lots of food is around (in a kitchen).

When we first got her, she was a tad possessive of her toys and treats and would sometimes growl, but we trained her fairly easily to never growl and to let us take her toys away from her without struggle. She even shares with other dogs now and lets kids take her toys and play with her.

Lolly is wonderful with small children and other animals, as she is very sweet, playful, and calm. People all over the neighborhood gush over Lolly because of how sweet and adorable she is. Out of all the dogs I've ever owned, Lolly is the most naturally intelligent and kind.

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