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A Mistake I am Happy we Made


Roanoke, Virginia, United States

Posted May 20, 2015

A craigslist ad for labxmastiff puppies is what started it all. The advertisers knew their neighbor's mastiff was intact, suddenly their lab was pregnant, so they assumed. Well, this little mistake is the only reason I know my best friend to this day. We had always been a "big dog" family. Beagles and other smaller breeds just did not interest us. The moment Midge did the very stereotypical howl of the Beagle, though, we knew we were not dealing with a mastiff puppy. At first we were put off by the fact, but Midge had already stolen our hearts with her overbearing lovable nature. When she was younger, she was always underfoot and by our sides, growing distressed if we were separated and, thus, she could not be with us all. Her beagle nature of hunting forced a bit of a rift between us in the beginning, her instincts often dragging her after our hens and rabbits, but she never harmed anyone. She caught Velvet, one of the rabbits, once and just stood there, shocked, before releasing her and backing away in guilt. It took a bit of time for her to get the ropes, beagles being rather stubborn in nature, but she soon proved useful in herding the goats and chickens when I needed to catch someone who did not want to be caught.
Food wise, there is nothing she will not devour. In fact, her desire to eat everything has gotten her in trouble over the years. She'd steal eggs from the coop, goat food from their bins, and cat food from their bowls. It was also not unheard of, as she is very intelligent, for her to go on the table when we were not around and steal our dinner. But that was all when she was a puppy. Nowadays she knows the cans and cannots of the household, and has become both my relaxing buddy and hiking partner. Beagles are generally enthusiastic about everything, which can really increase your own enthusiasm. If not for her full body wag of excitement, there are many hikes I would not have completed.

All in all, beagles are sometimes too smart for their own good, but they make wonderful companions for any walk of life.

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