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Beagle Mixes are a handful, but I love Boba


United States

Posted March 14, 2015

When I thought about the perfect dog, I imagined a medium build, loving, playful, obedient dog. I did plenty of research on different breeds and their pros and cons. Beagles were said to be a handful, hard to train, and always up to something. But, I love how cute Beagles are. So, I chose a Beagle/Chocolate Lab mix. I was hoping that the Labrador part of the mix would help the overall personality and training... I was wrong.

Boba was cute and shy, and I instantly knew she was the dog for me. What I didn't realize is all the trouble that I was signing up for. Boba was crate trained, and it was easy to teach to go in the backyard.

What I learned fast was that even though she was said to be crate trained, she couldn't stand being locked in one. In fact, she was terrified of being in one for long. She taught herself how to unlock it so that she could get out anytime. She also tore the metal crate apart so that I had to toss the cage out. She won that round.

She loves jumping on things, including my bed, the kitchen counter, the dinning table, couches, people, etc. She loves to climb chain-link fences to escape backyards. Luckily, when I moved, my new place had a six foot tall wooden fence that contains her very well. I won that round.

My Beagle/Chocolate Lab does cause trouble, like ripping apart bags to steal cookies, or finding and chewing up lip-balm and lotion bottles. She sleeps on the couch and the recliner sometimes. I always find her on my office chair too.

She is slow to train, and it does take a lot of patience with her, but I love my dog, and learned to live with her less than desirable traits. Boba is loving, always following me around to spend time with me, and I couldn't ask for anything more. So, if you want a challenge, a Beagle Mix is it!

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