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The Stubborn & Needy Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier


Buford, Georgia, United States

Posted November 12, 2013

My daughter and I adopted "Rainbow", our Beagle/Jack Russell mix, from an animal shelter. We were thrilled to have her as a part of our family. While she is a wonderful family companion because she is devoted to us, she is also needy, disobedient and has anxiety issues.
She has peed on furniture, including our beds. I do not know if this is because she wants to dominate or because she is anxious. I have broken her of peeing on the beds by not allowing her in our bedrooms. Just before her bedtime, I walk her, and then she sleeps in her crate. It took her a long time to adjust to crate training; she would not hesitate to whine loudly. She longs to be with me every minute. The crate has helped me gain some time away from her "bossiness."
I have mixed feelings about "Rainbow." She is a beautiful dog with a friendly disposition. I believe if I hired a professional trainer to help me with her, her behavior might improve. Her most annoying habits are: begging for food during meals, jumping up on me as soon as I enter the front door, leaping from chair to chair in the living room, darting out the front door and not coming when I call her and pulling on the lead during walks.
I don't think I will own another Beagle/Jack Russell based on my experiences with "Rainbow."

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