Beagle / Jack Russell Terrier Mix

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United States

Posted October 16, 2015

Our first Beagle-Terrier mix loves to sit with the family and be loved on just as much as he loves running around the backyard. He will jump up onto beds and make himself comfortable, but he really likes laps. He's past ten now, and his joints are giving him some trouble, so he doesn't jump as high as he used to. (Mind you, he once jumped 4 feet into a tree after a bird and got over a 6 foot stockade fence into the neighbor's yard. So 3 feet into a bed was not a problem until recently. We might be getting some pet stairs for him soon.)

Our second rescue mix was a digger. So we had to put stray logs and paving stones around the fence to make sure she didn't chase squirrels into our neighbor's yard. She didn't like sitting on laps as much, but she loved chewing on things. We needed to make sure we had lots of things to play fetch with. And tug-of-war toys, too. Occasionally, she wouldn't want to give up a tennis ball, so we'd have a second one handy to get her attention. When we threw the second ball, she'd drop the first and run.

They have both been great additions to our family. I'm so glad we got these two rescue pets!

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