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My Jack Russel Is A Survivor


United States

Posted April 10, 2015

When I was a young boy we found my dog in our backyard, walking around in the middle of winter. We brought her in and she was never claimed. I have learned a lot growing up with this breed of dog. First of all, she is the smartest dog I have ever known. She had a tendency to run off, so my family built a fence. She then would jump over the four foot fence--a nod to the athleticism of this breed--I would then have to chase her through the neighborhood as she playfully jolted away from me--but never going to far (I'm pretty sure she thought it was a game). We then installed an in-ground electric fence that would activate a beeping on a collar, when too close to the buried wire. If the dog continued there would be a vibration of the collar, scaring the dog. This worked for several months, until I noticed she had been walking in a line several feet from the fence, back and forth, back and forth--for months. Then one day, she was gone. She stayed close to the fence, and when the battery in the collar had died there would be no beeping, and she was brave enough to attempt to run again...she had planned her escape--but she would always return, even if I didn't follow. She is now 19 years old (she is a similar breed to the dog that has the record for longest life), and her health is failing, she will be put down soon. I have so many great memories of playing with this dog, watching this dog, and being amazed by this dog. If I were to own this breed again, I would want to have more space for the dog to roam, run, and play--they need their exercise. I suppose I should also mention that in her later years her breath has been absolutely awful.

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