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Mixed Breed Teddy


Maryland, United States

Posted September 17, 2015

Our family dog, Teddy, was a pretty good dog. He was a mix of three or more breeds, but because of the coloring, it was easy to know he was partly German Shepherd and Beagle. I also know he had some Beagle in him because of his size and ears. He was an outside dog, mainly because of allergies in the family. He was an odd dog in my opinion. I don't think he was socialized properly with other dogs as a puppy because he would bark and pick fights with any dogs he saw through the fence around our yard. I believe that if he had been trained better as a puppy, he would've done much better with small animals and other dogs. While he wasn't trained very well, he did know when he was to go into his crate. Other than that, he didn't really listen to any commands. My dad was able to get him to sit or lay down at times but it was rare. He would never play fetch or tug-of-war. Even though he wasn't good with other animals, he was amazing with people and babies. He loved to jump on you and lick you to the point where you had to hold him down sometimes. Weighing the good and the bad with Teddy, I would say he was a good dog. Every dog/dog breeds have their ups and downs and if given the option to still have Teddy with us today, I would take it in an instant. I do not have a photo to show what Teddy looked like, unfortunately. I hope this review helps one of you in your dog buying decisions.

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