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Gina the Mischievous Princess


6170, South Africa

Posted June 15, 2016

I have never been extremely picky with the specific breeds of my pet; and so mixed breeds are an enjoyable experience. I was looking for a puppy for Pepper- my 6 year old dog (also a mixed breed) and neutered. He has a very calm temperament so I wanted to be sure the new dog wouldn't startle him. When I first laid eyes on Gina, I was sold. She was the most passive of her litter, and a beaut.

Bringing her home, I was a bit apprehensive as to whether Pepper would take to her or not. To my relief, he took to her and instantly assumed the 'caring father' role.

I knew Gina was lab crossed with fox terrier (the tan spotted marks on the tips of her ears gave it away). I knew I had a handful. And I was right. She has the playful puppiness of a lab, and the inquisitive mischievousness of the fox terrier. She must investigate everything, and to do so, everything must be turned upside-down. And her list of 'toys' is endless- her favourite has to be empty 10litre plastic water bottles. The racket she causes by grabbing the handle and happy shacking it and bashing almost gave me a heart attack the first time!

Fortunately, I have found that training her has been much easier, and she learns fast. She has learned that loud noises during the day is tolerable- to a point; but at night time, it's time to be calm. Also, she quickly learned that cats- although tempting to chase; are to be be left alone and not terrorized. She learned this mostly from one of the cats giving her a whack on the nose when she became too overexcited; and it's stuck.

Mixed breeds are the best of both worlds, they can often bring out the 'good traits' of both while cancelling out any possible 'bad traits'.

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