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United States

Posted October 27, 2013

The story of a boy and his dog is a cliché, but it really happens.
When I was eight, give or take, our neighbors who were hunters announced they were the proud grand parents of 16 brand new puppies. And they know what buttons to press on the then spoiled little fat boy across the street. My mother, finally giving in, announced that we would "Just go over and look!", ten minutes later we were walking through the door with a beautiful brown and white puppy. First to the bath, and then christened Muttley, after a famous cartoon dog.
Muttley was as good as a dog can me, he seemed to love me as much as I loved him. Muttley was loyal and protective, but not so much that I could have human friends over. But Muttley was my best friend. He was there when I hit my teenage years, which are always filled with heartbreak, disappointment and bouts of depression. Muttley felt my pain and my happiness. Muttley was more than a dog and more than a friend, he was part of me. Sadly, as I grew up and Muttley grew old. His health failed, he lost weight and finally one day, partly due to finances and partly to it just being time to do so, Muttley's beautiful life was ended. As Muttley could barely stand on the vets metal table he looked at me with a sadness him his eyes but a reassuring look that I should feel no guilt, that the best thing was being done. For years to follow about once a year I would have dreams that Muttley was still with me, but I don't think they were really dreams. I think out furry friends have a way of staying close and letting us know that they have not forgotten us. I would definitely recommend a Beagle or mix for the best and loyal companion you could have. Muttley got along with kids and adults and other dogs. Muttley was not a cats friend but that in only because he did not know any. I recommend you don't try to make such an animal a guard dog, because if they are like Muttley, they just don't know how to be mean.

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