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Posted October 1, 2015

Rocky has been, without a doubt, the most stellar dog. I adopted him at 3 years old from a rescue org that specialised with abused dogs (Rocky came to us as a skeleton who had been hit constantly by his previous owner). When we first had him home he was terrified of strange things, very nervous, and would flinch when we went to pat him, but after perhaps 12 months of patience and introducing him to new people and other animals, he became a brand new, relaxed dog.

Although being mostly Kelpie, he isn't as active or hyper as the breed has a reputation for. He still needs daily walks and loves to run around, but he also likes to sleep next to us while we work, and isn't needy or destructive when we go out. He is also extremely intelligent- a trait often associated with Kelpies. He loved to be trained and now gets spoken to more like a child than a dog- he can "Get in the car/go downstairs/go to the bathroom/get your blanket/get your ball/go to bed/drop it" and more in addition to the normal "Come/Sit/Stay/Walk/Dinner"

As a mixed breed, his health has also been excellent, we've never had an issue outside of our regular checkups.

I would highly recommend rescuing a mixed breed like Rocky, not only are you saving one of the 100,000+ unwanted pets euthanised annually each year (in Australia alone!) but I truly believe dogs know they have been rescued from a sad situation and are grateful for it. The trainability, calmness, personality, health and overall experience I've had with my rescue dogs has always been so much more impressive than dogs purchased from pet shops.

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