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Acquired: Pet store

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abbyywatsonn- beagle/cocker spaniel mix


United States

Posted April 4, 2015

My female beagle/cocker spaniel mix was a great dog and was a huge part of my life. She was a loving dog and could not harm a soul, unless she suspected otherwise. She was protective of my family, as there was never a time that she didn't go to the door and bark when a person was outside our house. I highly recommend beagles if you are looking for a family dog, as she was very gentle and loving around young children. One complaint I have about this dog is barking at night, as she would bark for hours on end at times in the backyard. There were a few times when I brought her inside and locked the dog door, because the barking was ridiculous. She was a decently active dog, as I took her on a mile walk everyday. She enjoyed being outside with the family and interacting with other dogs and humans. She never posed a threat to other dogs, and this is a huge advantage.

Her overall health was good, with the expected dog aging occurrences. For instance, she lost some ability to hear toward the end of her life and lost some vision, but is expected for a dog at 13 years of age. Another issue was shedding, as she had fluffy white fur and it was all over our house.

Overall, I recommend a beagle, as they are loving, great around other pets and kids, are fairly active when they wish to be, and are alert of their surroundings. The only downsides I experienced with my beagle mix were barking and shedding.

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