Beagle / Chihuahua Mix

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Chix/Beagle Mix


United States

Posted March 14, 2015

Even though I adopted this dog at an older age, he still was not housebroken. I did not know a lot about his past, and I assumed that he was previously an outside dog. As a mutt, he has above average intelligence. He was slightly more difficult to housebreak than maybe some other dogs, but he caught on relatively quickly and has an occasional slip up here and there. On the other hand, this mixed bread is extremely loyal and very obedient. Wherever I go, he goes, and if I tell him to do something, he will immediately do it. The chix/beagle mix is mostly short haired, does not shed a lot, and has minimal grooming responsibilities. Additionally, this mix of dog seems to have great health, can eat any type of dog of food, and doesn't have any health issues. I simply have to take him in for his yearly shots. Also, this mix of bread is very calm and will happily sleep the day away on your couch or (preferably) on your lap. Finally, he is very gentle and would not hurt a fly. I'm not sure if all mixes like him are this gentle, but if so, a mix like this would be great for a family pet with children. All dogs are a commitment, but from my own personal experience, all dogs have so much to offer, and we can learn so much from them. Adopting a dog just might change your life like my dogs have changed mine.

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