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Posted November 13, 2014

Rigby has been a complete joy to have in my life. I think we found each other at the right time. He was a shelter dog and of all the dogs I knew he was "the one" the minute I walked him around the shelter for a minute. He was the only dog that when I said "come here boy!" he came running over to me, despite being terrified of all the commotion.

He is a great companion dog. He's around 30 lbs, so not too big and not too small. He loves to be close at all times. The closer the better. Now that we have a baby in the house he is doing an okay job adapting but you can tell he's a little put out by the new little one. He was certainly used to being the center of attention! He does okay with our little one, but now that our little one is crawling we keep a close eye on him. He's never snapped at her but he occasionally gives a warning grumble if she gets too close or grabs him. He *hates* having his feet touched and our daughter always seems to go for those. He's learning that he needs to move out of her way quickly though.

As for training he is very eager and willing. He is food motivated, but honestly, will do pretty much anything for some good belly scratching! He does really well off a leash when we're hiking and will recall without hesitation. I've even had him come back to me when a herd of deer went crashing through the woods in front of us. I thought for sure he was going to be gone! I can't leave him outside unattended, however. The beagle nose in him will lead him quite a ways away. We used to live on a farm and I could leave him outside for several hours at a time (which he loved). Until he decided that he liked to go two farms over and visit the horses - now he is a one eyed wonder and has to be supervised outside.

Aside from being brushed, he's pretty temperamental about having anything examined on his body. He hates having his nails trimmed, he hates in you found a bump and want to look at it. He doesn't like having his mouth looked in. It makes trips to the vets a little on the scary side for him. I often recommend muzzling him, even though he's never bitten anyone. I always say that anything with a mouth can bite and I would hate for it to be our vet! After that is over he's back to being his normal cuddly self! Aside from having his eye removed after the horse incident he is a really healthy dog. The mutt in him helps protect from some of the negative genetic disorders that can afflict so many purebreds.

He is also a VERY playful and sociable dog. I can take him to any dog park and he gets along with everyone, dog and person alike. He will play for hours and i often see the boxer in him when he's playing. He likes to get up and play on his hind limbs and often wins his play fights by pinning his opponents on the ground. It's a joy to watch!

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