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Beagle/Basset Mix


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Posted October 28, 2015

I truly believe you can't go wrong with ANY dog that is part beagle, and our foster, Claire, was no different.

A true cuddle-bug, Claire lives for belly rubs and lap-time. The second someone (stranger or otherwise) approaches her, she flops over onto her back for a good, long belly rub. Claire, like most beagles, is extremely obedient and easy to train. She loves "smelly" treats, like cheese and liver, but will happily shake, sit, or roll-over for a pat on the head and encouraging words. Hound dogs are extremely intelligent, and enjoy games that involve using their nose. One of Claire's favorite past times is "hide and go treat" - where we would hide treats around the house and encourage her to find them. This game could keep her occupied for a very long time!

The basset hound is less athletic than the beagle, which makes this mix good for someone semi-active. Claire could run a few miles with us, but wasn't overly energetic, and was just as happy with a shorter walk. As with most hound dogs, she could be stubborn at times, too, but mostly only when something truly exciting caught her nose (like a rabbit).

Beagle/bassets are low-maintenance dogs, with short hair and minimal shedding. Their most captivating feature is their long, soft, velvety ears, which will make everyone want to stop and pet your dog while out on a walk :) Hounds are entertainers, though, so beagle/basset mixes like Claire LOVE the attention.

Hounds are family dogs, and most do best in a situation where they can be part of the family. Claire came from a situation where her family divorced and the dogs were all split up. She was the only dog who was sent to the rescue and this devastated her. She came to us extremely depressed, and wasn't truly happy again until her adoption, which included two kids and another beagle mix.

If you are looking for a good guard/watch dog, a beagle/basset mix is not for you. Unless your intruder is a rabbit or squirrel, these dogs are more likely to lick/kiss/beg for food than to protect the house.

Overall, beagle/basset mixes are great dogs for all types of people/situations. They are semi-active, affectionate, and great for families.

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