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United States

Posted June 22, 2015

Where do I begin with my experience with Maximus. Max, for short, was given to me from a friend who could not keep him. People who have not owned dogs before do not understand the commitment you have just taken when bringing a dog into your life. Though I chose Max from a litter of puppies, in reality he chose me. Max was your average puppy who loved to sleep, pee, poop, and chew on anything in sight. Numerous times I have replaced door stoppers, floor boards, window seals, and legs of furniture, due to this little guy. If countless nights of no sleep and constant attention are your thing, then by all means you are ready for your puppy. Though I jest, you must be ready for this commitment. You owe this dog every second because it truly requires you to survive. I know this sounds dramatic but in all actuality, I have never had more laughs and wonderful moments in my life. A dog is truly the other half of your heart. You will share tears, joy, memories and ultimately every precious moment of your life. If you are considering owning a dog please take into consideration that your dog looks to you for advice, for comfort, and stability throughout it's life. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and check out max for yourself!

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