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Everyone deserves a good Mystery


United States

Posted November 10, 2014

Mystery showed up in our front yard one day when I was living in Texas. It was so cold outside and we literally had no idea where she came from. She was just in the house because everyone in the house assumed someone else in the house had brought her home. We took her to the local pound and shelters and put up ads and flyers to see if anyone owned her. When noone came forward we decided to take her to the vet and see what we could find out about this beautiful dog that showed up in our home. All we found out was she wasn't quite a year old, had been badly abused and aside from the broken ribs and being skinny she was healthy. We named her Mystery because we knew absolutely nothing about her. The vet was able to determine that she was partially bassett, partially beagle and perhaps a little fence jumper. She had many of the features of a Beagle but she had the little short legs and long body of a Bassett. Her coloring was beautiful and not something I had ever seen. Like a Beagle she was very curious and actually quite the hunter. Particularly for birds and other small animals. She never would actually catch them but rather would just point the way Beagles do when they find something. She was so sweet and friendly. She got along with everyone and loved to run and play so she was great to have around little kids. She rarely barked but when she did it was very loud and deep similar to a bassett. She also had that Bassett howl that she wouldn't do very often but when she got her feelings hurt or when she was left alone she would cry. She was a little difficult to train because she was super smart and very stubborn. Tough to say which breed that was as Beagles and Bassetts tend to equally display these traits from my experience. In addition both of these breeds are prone to obesity and she was certainly always fighting the battle of the bulge. I began feeding her a custom blend of rice, peas and lean chicken to keep her weight down. Bassetts tend to eat everything as if they haven't eaten in years but the rice would fill her up quicker and it would limit the amount of food she would eat. I recommend for both of these breeds that you put them on an eating schedule and don't leave food out. They tend to eat even when they shouldn't be hungry. Overall she was the best dog. I would highly recommend either of these breeds for a family pet and if you're lucky enough to find a combo of the two then definitely take it.

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