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My Family Dog Lilly



Posted October 5, 2014

Lilly has been with my family for some time now. We originally got her when I was very young and she was just the most adorable thing I'd ever seen. She was a mix of Basset Hound and Beagle, a droopy-eyed, long eared bundle of pure adorableness. She was welcomed into the family immediately and was there to stay for some time. Over the years, she was treated like royalty as we pampered her with treats, toys and her little "puppifier-sessions". And of course it was all worth it, because this dog was the greatest thing that could ever happen to my family.

I was usually the most reluctant to ever indulge in my dog's affairs. Sure she would usually sleep with me at night and I was always greeted with her presence when I got home, but being the usual teenage boy I was, I had other affairs to attend to. Sooner or later though, I just knew i had to warm up to her. She was playful, excited, energetic, ready to go, go, go! I admired that about her. Whenever I took her for a walk, it often turned into a race as we circled the block in full sprint. Her ears flapped like crazy whenever she ran, it kind of reminded me of Dumbo, which was a fitting name. Because like every dog, she had odd obsessions with cars, birds, and for some strange reason a mirror we had positioned on the floor that she just kept walking head first into, as if trying to escape into the reflective-dimension of the mirror!

All that aside though, I dearly loved my dog. My family had many before her, so she was nothing special to them. But as the youngest, I felt the most attached to her, as if she looked up to me in some sibling-ish way. If there was someway I could turn back the clock and press as many hours in with her as possible, I would.

Eventually my two sisters moved out, one of which did take Lilly. Of course I always tend to visit every now and then to check up on the old gal (and my sister, of course). For eight years of age she is doing exceptionally well health wise. I'm happy she's in a good home, and I hope I'll get to see her for many years to come.

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