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United States

Posted June 25, 2014

We adopted Goober from our local animal shelter when he was just 6 weeks old. He is a sweet boy with a one of a kind personality. Even though now he is 11 years old, he still runs around and plays like he's a puppy. The whole family loves him.
Pros: sweet natured, playful, nice to guests, wonderful with children and babies, loyal, protective, alert ( when my grandmother was very sick she fell out of her bed early in the morning and he woke us up and whined and barked until we followed him to my grandmother's room.) if you're a gardener like I am, Goober is great at keeping rabbits and other critters from eating my fruits and veggies I plant. And he's just so cute! Not a lot of grooming required either. Yearly vet visits are must though, but that goes for any pet. Goober was also very easy to potty train and we have rarely dealt with him "going" in the house. However until he was about two years old, we would leave him in a crate while going out, just because he would get into to everything if we didn't. He can also be outside or inside for long periods of time and doesn't seem to mind. We do leave a water bowl for him if he's going to be outside for a long time though.
Cons: Ear issues, this breed is prone to ear infections so just be aware of that before you adopt! The problems can be avoided by not feeding your dog a lot of table scraps and get a good quality dog food with the first ingredient being meat. Our vet told us to avoid pork flavored dog food, treats etc. In their old age this breed has issues with arthritis and it can make it painful for them to have fun and be themselves. (However we give our dog one glucosamine chondrotin every morning, with the vet's o.k.of course and he has greatly improved since then! The last con is shedding. This breed sheds quite a bit so we brush him often so he'll shed a lot outside. avoid laying around with the dog before going somewhere or you'll get dog hair all over you, I'm speaking from experience :D.

This breed makes a wonderful life companion. Owning our beagle basset hound has changed all of our lives for the better. You will not regret adopting this breed!

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