Beagle / Basset Hound Mix

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Judy Very Loyal


United States

Posted May 27, 2014

Judy may have been the perfect dog to grow up with in a small town. Judy never needed a leash. My grandfather told me she didn't need a collar, but found an old one for me anyway when I insisted on taking her for a walk in the woods on a rope. She'd have never gone far, but she wanted to run, so I ran with her. If Judy ever ran away, it was after a rabbit. That's what the breed is for, in my opinion. Let that dog jump out of the car window and chase while you get the gun out of the trunk and just lean back against the car. If that rabbit doesn't find a briar patch, it'll be back; or you'd hear Judy barking until she got tired of waiting for you to come or you called her back.

At night, Judy came inside and sat at my grandfather's feet in the basement where he'd sit listening to the radio. Judy always responded to being called, never made a racket except when the factory when the town fire alarm sounded. Judy was the proud mother of countless puppies. She never bit anyone, either. Grat dog to have around children. My friend's family had a pure Basset Hound and it was just as well tempered as Judy.

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