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Muse, Oklahoma, United States

Posted June 8, 2016

I got Molly from an animal shelter on behalf of some friends who adopted her. My friends had a family emergency at the time of the adoption, so I volunteered to keep Molly for them until they were going to be back home full-time. I kept her for about a month, and I still dogsit her occasionally when my friends go on vacation.

Molly is the second Basset Hound I've worked with. Both situations were short term for rescue purposes. I decided to use my time with Molly to leash train her. My friends have a small child who I knew would want to walk Molly, but Molly was bad on the leash when I first got her. She pulled terribly. It took me less than a week to break her of the pulling habit and leash train. The child has no trouble walking Molly; she doesn't pull anymore.

Basset Hounds are absolutely adorable, and they are very lovable pets. They are very affectionate and are not aloof like most hound dogs. They can be a little stubborn, so you may expect occasional training challenges.

Bassets are great with people of all ages, and they make great house dogs. The breed is typically hardy, and they have few grooming needs. I only have one problem with Bassets, and it's a big one. They can be really tough to keep at home! When Molly's nose touches the ground, she takes off! Bassets have such sensitive noses, and they get really focused on tracking scents. I had problems with Molly trying to run off at times, and her family does too. You never know when a quick potty break will turn into having a lost dog, and it's awful. I've heard this to be true of other Bassets too. I think a Basset can still make a fantastic family pet, but you need to be prepared with indoor and outdoor spaces that will contain the dog. You also need to be dedicated to ALWAYS have your dog on a leash. No exceptions! And lastly, I would say a microchip is a must for every pet Basset.

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