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Loved My Basset Hounds


United States

Posted April 16, 2016

I have owned two basset hounds over the course of my life. Bassett hounds are both loving and loyal. As puppies they are just down right cute. Bassets are the epitome of what defines a super cute puppy. Both of my dogs were fairly energetic from the beginning. House breaking both dogs did take a few months, but once they were trained, they were scratching the door to go outside. We trained them with just some basic techniques. Crate training mostly. However, when we were able to we kept a close eye on them and when we saw any sign of bathroom time, we picked them up and ran them to the grass outside. This was very effective and it did not take long for them to learn. Teaching them other tricks was not something I really tried to do. I taught them both to sit, which was also easy, but that was it. A lot of watching them when we thought it was bathroom time.

I think that this breed gets a bad rap sometimes. Often classified as lazy, dumb, and fat. Neither one of my dogs carried any of characteristics. We did not overfeed them. They will eat whatever is in front of them for the most part, so managing their diet is something we did do. Neither one of them got fat. As far as exercise goes it wasn’t getting them to go for a walk it was stopping him from running out when we opened the door. I can say that they both had a tendency to make a run for it whenever the opportunity presented itself. So, standing between them and the door is always a good idea. When it was time to go for a walk, they were going. Most of the time I had to stop them from sprinting. One of the great things about both of them was that they tired themselves out pretty quickly. When they were done with the walk, they were literally done. A good rule of thumb with basset hounds is don’t go for too long of a walk. Both of my dogs would just give up when they were tired. I literally carried them home on several occasions. Both dogs were not the fat ones that the stereotype suggests, but they were not Chihuahuas either. In short, they were heavy and tough to carry for half a mile. This breed is very affectionate. They love to sit close go to sleep. However, separation anxiety is a problem with them. When we left the house there was always barking and whining. This usually goes on for a while, but it is not something that either dog grew out of. Overall, I love these dogs. Frankly, after owning my two basset hounds, I would never want to own a different breed. I have owned a few, but this is my favorite breed. I love their long ears and their sad face. They were both a big part of our family.

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