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Our loving basenji girl


United States

Posted October 27, 2015

Rauree was a beautiful basenji girl, who unlike other basenjis I have heard about, was very loving and sweet. She had a cute attitude problem as well and we loved that about her. She was very loyal and really attached to my wife the most. You had to work for her love, so it made it all the more worth it once she was attached to you.

Although she was a good dog, she was feisty and wanted things her way. There were many accidents in the house in the beginning and training was more difficult, but doable. She liked to eat clothes, so we had to make sure to keep everything out of her reach - the dog was like a goat.

Her personality was everything and having her in my life made me always want to have a basenji in the house. I can't really explain it, but this is a very special breed and once you have one - I think you would understand more of what I'm saying.

They come with their problems though - Rauree was always having some kind of issue we would have to take her to the vet for and at the age of 7 we found out she had Fanconi disease and shortly after that they found cancerous masses in her intestines. We couldn't do anything about the masses, so we had to let her go.

We weren't ready for that - she was the most vibrant pup to have around and her missing from the house still leaves a little hole in my heart where she used to be. If you're thinking about getting a basenji, just know that they are a LOT of WORK and TIME and PATIENCE, but in the end - they are the greatest dogs someone could ever have in their life.. in my opinion.

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