Basenji / Beagle Mix

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Ohio, United States

Posted April 8, 2014

I recieved Carmen as a puppy from my uncle, his Basenji had gotten loose because my cousins accidently let it out. It was still young and in training but did come back. But to his surprise, she came back pregnant. He did not realize she was pregnant until he found puppies running around his yard because she had found a spot under his porch to have them. She had, had 7 puppies and Carmen was the runt. Her eyes were closed longer and she was smaller than the rest of the puppise, but she was also the most curious and quick to be held by people. From the start she was lovable, she was never loud though. Carmen barked only a during some times, when people she cared for she thought were being harmed, when there was a noise during the night and people were and she did not know what it was, and when she was extremely happy and I was playing with her and than it was more of a talk to me. She was the most intelligent dog I have ever owned, she learned to sit, roll over, lay down, fetch and multiple commands without being taught long and many times without incentive. She was the easiest dog to groom, with her short hair she rarely shed except right after winter because of the undercoat she grew to keep her warm and even than it was very minimal and was easily handled with bath and undercoat maintenance. She was very protective, very rarely left my side when I was around but when I was doing something like reading or watching TV she would simply sit down and wait for me to get up. She always let me know when she had to go outside and I could easily take her out without a leash, mind you I would not say this unless you have trained your dog properly, and she was. She would simply come back when finished or called and many times looked back to make sure I was still there. She never got into things or chewed on things other than bones she was given or toys she was bought. She was taught to stay out of the kitchen and never begged but knew I would get her treats every now and than. Honestly, the only time I would say she did not listen or acted up would be when she saw a rabbit or rodent. That was her kryptonite, she would see one and just zoom away. Fast as a greyhound, many times she could easily catch the rodent, but I always called and she came. She loved to walk and be outside but it was not a necessity where she would do things if she did not go outside. I owned her for her whole life and I have owned many pets and she did well with other pets and extremely well with babies and children. She was laid to rest at 17 when much her body was giving out on her. If I could have a dog like her again I would tell the person to name their price. She was the best and would recommend this type of dog to anyone looking for a companion and easy going dog.

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