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Robbie - Dim but I loved him anyway



Posted November 6, 2014

Robbie was one of my first dogs and my family had him all the way through my childhood. Yet even though I became incredibly attached to Robbie and was distraught when he died, I wouldn't highly recommend the breed.

Robbie was as thick as a post. Could be that he was the dimmest dog I ever owned. I'm not sure if this was simply to do with the one dog, but he was tough to train and we sort of gave up on it after a while, and he never seemed to understand much of what was going on around him. He had big cow eyes and a sense of adventure, but he never learned from his mistakes and almost got himself killed multiple times!

Likewise, Robbie was a bit defensive when I was a kid. He liked his space and didn't respond well to me encroaching on it. He wasn't vicious of course, but he wasn't nearly as open as you would find in a breed like a Labrador or whatnot.

Even so, he was pretty easy to take care of. We had plenty of space for him to run around in and he took care of himself a lot of the time. He was never the type to hassle us for affection. I've seen this in other Aussie Terriers too. Also, this is a very easy dog to groom, with silky fur that didn't pick up too many seeds or litter, and they don't shed nearly as much as first looks might lead you to expect.

Another thing to look out for is the Australian Terrier's love of barking. Oh boy do these guys love a bark. If you have plenty of space this might not be an issue to you, but if you live somewhere with frequent passersby, visitors or other canine distractions, this might well get on your nerves.

All in all, Robbie was a dog I'll never forget and always love, but the breed no longer suits me in this day and age.

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