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Australian Terriers


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Posted July 17, 2013

The Australian Terrier I had gave me more memories than any other dog I have ever owned or worked with. I believe he was slightly mixed. There was a lady at our local Wal-Mart with the dog in a shopping cart and she wanted to get rid of it, and my dad let me get him. I was about four at the time.
Whenever I took him home, one of the first things he did was run over to a tree and jump up on it. I was so young that I thought he was trying to climb the tree and thought it was funny, so I named him Tree Climber. I got a lot of laughs after I got older every time I had to explain why he had such a funny name.
Tree Climber was full of energy, he loved going for walks (more like runs) and playing for hours. He outlived every dog I had until the time I was 17 and he died. I'm not sure how old he was because he was full grown whenever we got him.
I would highly recommend this breed for an outside pet for people or children of all ages. They are very happy dogs and love attention. I wouldn't recommend them being inside because of their hair. Tree Climber's hair was very wiry and it was hard to take care of, but that was his only down side. He was the best dog a child could ever ask for.

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