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Tammy the Rescued Terrier



Posted September 22, 2014

I was about six years old when I found Tammy. She'd been abused for the entirety of her short life and was afraid of everyone except, for some reason, me. My family adopted her and she and I were best friends throughout my entire childhood.

Tammy was a crossbreed, but definitely had a lot of Australian Terrier in her. She was a fun, affectionate dog, and loved to run and play with my brother and I as kids.

As she got older, she did have some health issues. She contracted and survived Polio, had persistent skin and ear problems and towards the end of her life developed cancer. Overall though, she was a happy and friendly dog.

She could get a bit feisty, as I think is common with smaller dogs. For example, she would snap at younger dogs if they got too rough. She never bit or was aggressive though. She could be a bit stubborn and would occasionally avoid responding to commands. This was her more cheeky side that she developed as she got older!

Overall, Tammy was a loyal and friendly dog. She did require brushing several times a week, and did have the tendency to get a bit smelly (especially as she got older), but she wasn't a high maintenance dog when she was healthy.

At 18 years old, Tammy's cancer got to a point where it was no longer feasible to treat and it was time to let her go. Having been rescued as an abused pup, I like to think we gave her a pretty good life. She was a wonderful dog and I'm really glad I got to grow up along side her.

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