Australian Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier Mix

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Missy the Australian Terrier / Jack Russell



Posted September 14, 2015

Missy is full of personality. She will let you know when she wants outside or food with a deep bark that sounds like she is swearing. On winter morings when we let her out of the shed (where she sleeps in her kennel or on the lawn mower) she tip toes on the frosty grass to the house. Then she comes racing in and will hop under the covers of your bed to sleep. She catches rabbits and mice on a weekly basis and eats them. In the past she had caught and killed snakes and stumpy tail lizards which is scary! She loves to chase a scent and kept running away as a puppy so we had to buy her an electric collar which beeps as a warning when she tries to go within 0.5m of the property boundary and gives her a shock if she pushes past this. We leave near a major highway with lots of trucks so it was necessary or we would have lost her forever. She spends most days out in the sun or at night sitting in front of the heater until she is absolutly cooked. She also likes to help with the chores outside including sitting on your lap while you mow the lawns and helping to round up the cattle. She waits in the front paddock every day for you to come home from work and then will race you up to the house.

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