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Australian Sheppard


British Columbia, Canada

Posted September 6, 2012

The Australian Sheppard, or Aussie, is in fact an American breed whose only connection to Australia is the Australian sheep they herded on ranches in the American West.
The Velcro dog, these dogs define loyalty. Their desire to be close to you may have you saying, “it’s not you, I just need some space.”
That said these highly intelligent dogs are far more laid back than their cousins the Sheltie and Border Collie, especially the latter.
Like the Collie they need to be exercised regularly and otherwise kept occupied or they have a tendency to go bonkers. However the Aussie’s idea of exercise can be as little as two or three short leisurely walks a day not the triathlon that many Border Collies demand. You will need to supplement easy walks with the occasional vigorous game of Frisbee toss, Aussies (as well as Border Collies) seem as if they were bred to catch Frisbees.
If you are a jogger this is a great breed, an Aussie will happily be your jogging companion and will return home to nap contentedly until you signal your next departure, at which point they will be up, alert and ready to go.
Aussies are eager to learn and it doesn’t take long to teach one new tricks to amaze your friends.
This breed can be a good apartment dog (a large male doesn’t exceed 21/2 feet and 55 lbs.) but not if you are gone for long periods during the day. They, above all else, desire companionship and need to be close to their person. This makes them probably better suited to couples, who can then ‘trade off’ their affections. Aussies are also patient and very friendly and easily integrated into family life.

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