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Luna, partially trained dog too smart for her owner


Ashmore, Illinois, United States

Posted January 18, 2019

Luna is my brothers dog. He got this intelligent Australian Shepherd as a puppy from a hobby breeder without doing any research on the breed. He simply went by looks and availability. I believe this is a mistake any time you add a dog to your family. Careful research is needed to make yourself familiar with the different dog characteristics in order to make an educated decision. Right Pets Pet Match Questionnaire is a good way to start your search if you have no idea where to begin.
In the case of Luna it has come to lots of frustrating situations for the family because this smart dog was not properly trained and does not have consistent rules to live by. Australian Shepherds need a job in my opinion, they need to be trained, they need to be exercised and all this with consistency or you will find out this smart dog will train YOU in her own way. Luna is a good dog, with lots of energy that loves to play, but she allows herself to jump up on the table when nobody is home, sneaks food off the set table when nobody is watching, hides slippers to secretly chew on in her bed, ....I could go on and on. But really it is not the dogs fault, she CAN listen when she wants to and when she is MADE to listen, but boy if you let her make her own choices she will and most likely you will not like them.

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