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Felton, California, United States

Posted January 21, 2017

I have had Australian Shepherds all my life, with Trace being the families most recent Aussie. Always blue merle's , always male. First was Ace, then Odie and now Trace. Ace lived until he was 12 and passed away from cancer. He was a fantastic guard dog, especially of the kids. He was perfectly behaved minus the occasional trash adventure and he was friendly to everyone he met. Ace was very large for his breed, and not too energetic as far as Aussies go. Then came Odie, he was average size, friendly and very lazy for the first half of his life, later he found his love for hikes and bike rides and lived until he was 13. Now we have Trace. He is a handful, a new kind of Aussie we have never had. While most Aussies have a typical nervousness about them, Trace is quite dominant towards the two much larger than him chocolate labs in the house, he is full of energy and loves to play and do dog puzzles. He wont let anyone near the house without us knowing and keeps a close eye on the grand kids - he will nip at their gloves though. He is a smaller aussie as you can see in the photo, but has more energy than both of our prevous ones combined! He does great with cats, was easy to train although he mostly stays home with our other two dogs so he is not leash trained. Our past Aussies were fully socialized and leash trained and they did great.

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