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Aussiedoodle Review


Virginia, United States

Posted May 6, 2011

Aussiedoodle’s are extremely smart!! Love everyone and So Easy to train , Australian Shepherds are typically very loyal, dedicated dogs that will follow you to the ends of the earth. I used to raise and train them for herding and obedience ,along with Border collies, the differences between Aussie’s and Border collie are like night and day, as i like to say the “AUSSIE has a OFF switch ,, the Border Collie will work itself to death :O) Meaning Aussie’s are just as happy laying at your feet as going out and playing ball,,or any other “job” you choose for them.
Basic training is essential though, they are too smart for words and either you train them or they will find their own job, which in some cases isn’t such a good thing,, :O)
Health Note:
Aussiedoodles grow slower than larger breeds so this helps in bone and joint issues that sometimes happen in larger breeds of dogs. also I have notice that the Aussiedoodle ear carriage is typically higher than the Labradoodle or Goldendoodles. This resists their getting ear infections. Growth issues such as Hip Dysplasia are typically lower in Australian Shepherds & Poodles. Hence few growth issues.
Aussiedoodle Grooming:
The Aussiedoodle coat is normally low maintenance, but it does require regular brushing to keep it free from matting. I suggest getting in the habit of brushing your doodle every day or every other day while watching T.V., this gives you quality quiet time with your dog and keeps the health of the coat. Especially if you choose to keep it long. I do recommend a “Teddy Bear Cut” about 1?, This is a scissor cut so find a experience groomer in your area, rounding face with scissors and leaving tail long scissoring it as well. Professional grooming should be done every 6-8weeks
Our Mini/Medium Aussiedoodle puppies are expected to mature between 25 and 40 pounds, 14 to 17? at the shoulder. A perfect size!
Occasionally we do have Toy/Mini Sizes 15-25lbs ... We do NOT artificial Inseminate, I did Not do this 20yrs ago when I bred MINI Australian Shepherds, I didn’t have the Luxury of out crossing to another smaller breed then and I can’t see breeding in problems in the Aussiedoodles, by doing it now. When I bred mini Australian Shepherds ,we bred smaller to smaller ,avg size ended up 14? and 20-30lbs .
Australian Shepherds come in All 3 Sizes Toy, Miniature & Standard Sizes as do Poodles.
Doodlesville Breeds Mini/Medium and Medium/Standard, Aussiedoodle. I have YET to see a Labrador or Golden Retriever In Smaller Sizes!!! :O)
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