Australian Shepherd / Norwegian Elkhound Mix

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United States

Posted April 28, 2014

I have had a few dogs over the years, but one (my last) was the most wonderful pet I've ever had. The dog (Elkhound) I received from my grandpa for my very first Christmas gave birth to one of the most loyal, spoiled rotten dogs I've ever met, and he was a better friend than some people I know! His father was an Australian Shepherd, so, Peppie got his looks from his dad, but his height he definitely got from his mother. And did I mention the adorable little cream-filled doughnut tail? He always, always listened to everybody. I'm not saying he was a perfect dog, but I don't think you could get any closer. I came when called and never ran away. We never had to have him on a leash when we went out. He stood loyally by our sides and never thought twice about it. He also would come running if he heard the sound of someone's tongue clicking.

Unfortunately, I think that his paws and his body may have been a little too large for his little, tiny elkhound legs. I know he had trouble running sometimes, and he also ended up being somewhat overweight at some point. But he loved wearing his collar and loved wearing t-shirts, as well! He actually got upset when you took them off of him.

Anyways, dogs are wonderful creatures. They do require a little more maintenance than cats, but they are worth every bit of it. Every dog I've ever had loved me until the last day they were on this Earth, and they were all such happy little critters! I miss them all dearly and look forward to the day that I'm able to start a new friendship with one.

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