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Posted June 4, 2015

I'm guessing that our dog is a Shepard/Lab mix; he's really a one-of-a-kind mutt that my boyfriend rescued from a bad situation. Physically, he's pretty large, all black except for a white chest and one white toe. His hair is medium length, longer around the neck and tail, and he sheds a lot. Not slobbery, though, and not a messy eater.

He's incredibly intelligent--learns tricks intuitively and seems to know exactly what we're saying most of the time. And he's a major cuddler--if you're lying in bed or on the couch, he has to be right up next to you. If two people are hugging, he'll wedge himself between them. Just a big bundle of love.

George is downright impressive when it comes to tricks. With a minimal amount of effort on our part, he has not only mastered fetching, but he'll jump to catch the ball in mid-air (which is why I think shepherd), set it down a few feet away, then kick it to you on command. He'll also sit, lie down, shake, jump (which is quite a sight, since he's over five feet when he stands up), and speak in several different ways depending on the command you give him.

He has never had formal training and is not neutered, so he would probably be too much energy for some people. But his intelligence means that he generally understands what we want from him and complies. He lives in a big house with young people, so his boisterousness fits in fine in the environment. Fortunately he likes everyone and doesn't have a problem with strangers coming and going, because we have a lot of visitors. He's not a toy guarder, and really only barks or growls while playing. The only trouble he gets into is from his curiosity (digging in the trash, trying to jump the fence to say hi to the neighbors, etc.).

Overall, he's the best dog I've ever met, and most people who encounter him say the same. He was my boyfriend's dog before I met them, but I've quickly assumed the mom role and begun to spoil him rotten.

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