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Daisy Behave!!


United States

Posted May 30, 2015

We bought Daisy on a whim when we came across a man selling puppies at the local grocery. Daisy was so incredibly cute, my love for cute babies just overcame me and I purchased her without a second thought.

I do not know if this mixed breed type is a bad combination, or if my dog was dropped on the head one too many times before I purchased her, but she was intellectually challenged. Her lack of intellect made training nearly impossible. Potty training took months, and even after she was house trained she would urinate all over company when she got excited. Puppies are known for being rambunctious, but I couldn't even have her near my little ones because she would simply walk on them, and knock them down without heed. She did not do this maliciously or even in fun, it almost seemed as if she didn't think of the kids as anybody of importance and that they were in her way.

After having her for close to a year and trying many different training tactics, we found a new home for her. That home didn't keep her long either- she never outgrew her hyperactivity, stayed stubborn and difficult to train, and last I heard she had bounced back and forth between many different homes.

Sadly, the only positive thing about Daisy was that she was adorable. Other than that, she was not a breed that I had the patience for, or the ability to thoroughly train.

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