Australian Shepherd / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Ontario, Canada

Posted October 13, 2014

Growing up, we've always had at least one dog. It started with April, a Golden Retriever and Labrador mix Since then, we have always had a large black dog. In 2010, shortly after our dog Emma passed away, we started searching for another dog of similar breeds. The one we find this time was an Australian Shepherd mix; a young puppy who was Australian Shepherd, Black Labrador, and Golden Retriever. Her Australian Shepherd side is quite evident in her height, drive to playfully herd our little dogs, (which we taught her not to..) and the "flatness" of her hind quarters.. this became more evident as she aged, of course.

When we went to see her as a puppy, we were told she was 8 weeks old. We got there, and it became obvious she was only 5 weeks. We were told we had to take her now, or someone else would. We.. agreed. This meant that she was not properly socialized with her siblings. She was a terror in her first few months - she bit me (I still have a scar) at just a few months old, and would only listen to my father. We had to lock her in the kitchen. We knew we had to do something, so we took her for Obedience Training, as well as let her play with other dogs in a structured area so that she would learn about nipping, and when she was being too rough.

She's over 4 years old, now, and she is an amazing dog. She's gentle around young children, and though she does get excited she is much more aware and careful with her teeth. Boots really lets us do anything. She loves to greet people, and play with the neighbours' dogs... and only barks to let the dogs know when she's had enough. She loves to be around us, and will often show up when we're watching tv or playing games, just to lie at our feet. Or lean her chin on our knees to stare at us. She is very attention and food driven, and one of the best dogs I've had in my life. She really is a beautiful girl.

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