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Larry Was Our Best Buddy


United States

Posted August 6, 2014

Larry was given to us by a friend who worked at Wal-Mart. In our small college town, people would often bring unexpected litters up to Wal-Mart to find new homes, thus Larry joined our home. (Funny side note: I was told about Larry before she was given to us. So we picked the name Larry before we knew she was a girl. But the name fit so we stuck with it!)

We were never exactly sure of her breed, but our vets told us they thought she was a lab/Australian shepherd mix. She was medium sized, only about 40 pounds, maybe less, with medium length hair.

Larry was only weeks old when we adopted her, so we were able to train her from birth practically. She was very easy to house train as well as teach all the normal tricks: sit, shake, lay down, speak, and roll over (although that one always took some effort.) Obedience wise, she was always pretty good. The only complaint I had with her was when she would escape our yard or get off her leash. She never learned to come when told, so she would escape and play a game with us. We basically had to run her down and catch her or she would never come back to us.

Larry was fairly easy to keep clean because her hair wasn't really long. Although it was long enough that we always had black dog hair on everything...

Her demeanor was very sweet and she got along with many other dogs in her lifetime as well as having hundreds of human friends of all ages. She had gotten into a fight or two over food scraps before, but nothing that wouldn't be expected from any dog.

The only downside I could speak of with this breed was that Larry developed cancer relatively early in her life. We found tumors on her hind quarters and on her belly that grew rapidly and eventually were the cause of her death. The cancer, while we were trying to treat her, took her life much quicker than we or our vet expected. While Larry left us too soon, I would never take back a moment of my life with her and I would recommend a similar breed to almost anyone.

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