Australian Shepherd / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Aussie/Lab Mixes are Superb Dogs!


Texas, United States

Posted July 17, 2014

I think Australian Shepherds/Labrador mixes should become a designer breed, they are terrific dogs! My husband and I have both owned many dogs and have both owned this mix, and we agree this mix was our favorite. I have known other people with this mix that were also very satisfied.

These are intensely loyal dogs. In new situations my dog's first priority is my safety, she even once saved me from a human attack. When we have friends over that she has never met she barks at them aggressively when they first come in, and will bark at them again if they make fast movements toward me. After she has met someone before if they come back she is very friendly toward them, the aggressive barking is only the first time she meets someone and is more or less a warning. We tell our friends that she's not really aggressive, she's mostly just rude, which is about right, but I can sleep alone at night with no worries knowing she'd protect me again if she needed to. At home she is a very calm and gentle dog. She is fairly independent, but likes to follow me around from room to room and will sleep in whatever room I am in. She doesn't require very much exercise and rarely gets into trouble. Aside from breaking into the garbage once in a while she doesn't chew things or have accidents in the house, we trust her to have full reign.

My husband is a triplet and they had one of these dogs from the time they were 2 years old. The dog would try to keep all three boys together to watch them and would get really worried if one wandered off. The dog would walk them to the bus stop everyday and would then walk back home. He protected them from what he thought were suspicious strangers. They loved that dog and the dog lived to be 16 years old. When the boys all drove off to college the dog passed away. This dog was also very calm and laid back in his family situation. He was good with small children and small animals and had no bad habits.

These dogs are great family and guard dogs. They are friendly toward other people, but put their family as first priority. They can be scary to people that have never met them, but that can often be a good thing. All the ones I have known of have had very good health and calm personalities. If you want a dog you can trust and that will be greatly devoted to you without being needy, these are a great choice.

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