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United States

Posted May 19, 2016

I have now had my Australian Shepherd mix puppy for about 4 month. I was raised in a home with very large breed, lazy dogs that did not require much exercise or attention, unless you wanted to go out of your way to provide it.

When deciding on the breed of puppy to get, my fiance and myself felt that after years of experience with various breeds, we loved all interactions we had had with Aussies up until that point. Easy choice, right? Silly us.

Our girl is absolutely brilliant, but brilliance is only so helpful when you're a 45lb, 6 month old puppy who hasn't quite figured out how to work her limbs yet. We had very little issue with potty training and had completed it within the first two months, no accidents at that point. She's incredibly food motivated and can't learn enough commands, fast enough. They say a fox will have a command completely down after 30 minutes, and she's not far behind.

However, having a dog that is not only filled to the brim with curiosity and intelligence, leaves plenty of room for even the best of us to fall short when puppy proofing, even if that's just verbally. She has a full grasp on what many of our "code" words mean and we are in a constant state of changing them. She recognizes the difference between appropriate levels of energy when trying to complete a task, so she can perform some of the sliest, food stealing drive-bys a person has ever seen.

All in all, I would not trade her for the world. I would, however, give everyone a warning on the level of intelligence they were about to be encountering!

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