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Columbia, South Carolina, United States

Posted August 17, 2017

Wow. Well we often call her Velva-lu, because she's a bit of a Velcro dog with me. Usually, If I go into the bedroom, I can count on on her appearing shortly, literally. The longest it has taken her was 13 seconds. This is most of the time.

She has a very temperamental stomach. Prone to excess gas build up we think. Lots of gurgling if you wait too long to feed her. She doesn't eat if her tummy hurts or if she's anxious (thunderstorms, or I'm away - pack leader/mama). We are treating her holistically right now - homemade diet, vegetable treats, yogurt, occasional probiotics, some anti-gas pills & charcoal occasionally.

When she's not in heat, she has so much energy. She leaps like a gazelle. She will even jump over my shorter dog. She is a bit of a bull in a china shop though. She'll walk over anything. She was the only girl in her litter of 3 and they were fed out of one bowl so she had some resource guarding we I first got her.

She loves to sit and watch the world from the window. She eats flies that she can catch and loves to have her tummy rubbed. Even though she weighs 8lbs. more than my older dog and stands twice as high, we have designated her the Gamma Girl (Mom/me Alpha; my first dog Rylee-Doxle dachshund-beagle mix is Beta Baby). Both girls have plenty of moxie, but if you fuss at Luna, she will roll over submissively and if you tell the short dog to go lay down, Luna is going to lay down. No questions asked; no delay.

She's not super big on kisses though - receiving them nor giving them, but she is coming around. My mom says she sounds like scooby-doo, especially when you are giving her a kiss. Mom always has conversations with her and thinks she could teach her to talk some.

When you do kiss her (otherwise known to her as affectionate mauling* - I borrowed that from another site- she groans and whimpers some, but tolerates it from me, pack leader without too much fuss. Then she shakes it off.

She likes to play with balls & will retrieve them for a little while, but doesn't really know how to play like tug of war or run & chase games with my other dog much. She could improve her play skills some.

She is a sweet dog. If there is room between your legs when you are sitting in a chair or on the couch, she'll come and plop herself there, backing her hind end as close to the furniture & you as possible, then raise her neck so you can rub her long neck. If you ignore her, she will back up again and raise her hind end up making sure it touches your legs so you know she's there wanting affection. Then if you rub her head going from the base of her skull to her eyebrows, essentially rubbing against the fur pattern, she'll begin to hang her head in relaxation.

It seems like no one should have permitted this combo - she looks like Dr. Frankenstein decided his monster needed a pet. She has a tiny bladder and tiny chihuahua teeth. She looks like someone put a chihuahua in some sort of magnifying machine and made her four times larger than normal, then couldn't find two eyes to match so they went with one blue eye and one brown eye.

I wish I could catch the looks of all the dog people whe we tell them we have a Australian Shepherd and Chihuahua mix as their brains attempt to conceptualize both the 'what she might look like and the how & why that happened. Every look is priceless. She is our sweet 'summa' girl. Summa dis & summa dat.

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