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Toy Australian Sheperd Mix Is Loyal To Butts


United States

Posted September 11, 2014

Ryu is a loyal dog. He firmly attached himself to my mother and my brother, they picked him up from the breeder. It took him about two to three months to get used to the rest of the family. It helped that we owned one of his siblings from the same litter. If his brother trusted you and my mother trusted you, then you were okay. When my grandmother would try to force him to be held he had explosive diarrhea all over her. This happened twice. He also bites our guests butts and won't stop barking at them until they sit down.

His fur is long and is difficult to tame. He is frequently getting knots in it and we have to give him a bath when he has a bad poop. He loves to eat which means he gets walked the most. His teeth are also hard to keep clean. We recently spent a couple hundred dollars fixing them. Now we brush his teeth regularly and put a cap full of teeth protectant fluid in his water bowl. He also has very stiff joints and needs to be picked up carefully otherwise he will cry out in pain. Jumping onto things and running isn't easy for him, especially when don't walk him as often as we should.

Other than all that he is over all a very cute and lovable dog. If someone is staying over for a few days he gets used to them and barks less when walked by the guest.

I'd recommend this type of dog to people need a loyal watch dog. He doesn't attack aggressively, especially if trained not to. But he will protect his owner. If you're a family picking out this breed know that the dog will choose the mother figure to protect and be the most loyal to.

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