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Piper - A protective and obedient dog


Battle Ground, Indiana, United States

Posted October 21, 2016

Piper's parents were my family's farm dogs. He was raised on the farm and rarely left. As a puppy he was quite the escape artist. My siblings and I had to come up with new ways to keep the puppies in one contained area until they learned the boundaries of the property. Piper was not a quick learner until after age two. It seemed like everything clicked overnight and he became a very loyal and obedient dog.

Currently, Piper lives with my husband and I on our farm which is only a half-mile away from my family's farm. We still take him over to see his parents once and awhile but he does have my husband's dog as a playmate. He is very protective of me and will gently nip at my husband if he ever pats my back. My husband thanks it is a funny game, but I know it is Piper's way of protecting me.

Since Piper was raised in seclusion, he does not enjoy meeting new people. He prefers to be at a distance and only barks if they get too close. This does not mean that he does not mind meeting new people. It just takes him awhile to adjust. He has never harmed anyone and is always very patience and never aggressive towards children. Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mixed dogs are very loyal and obedient. They are great protectors and will love you unconditionally.

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