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Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd Mix Dog review


United States

Posted July 9, 2015

I own a Australian Shepherd/ Border Collie mix dog. Her name is Sophie and she is about 4 years old. We picked her up at a pet store a few hours away after we fell in love with her on a pet finder site.
Raising her as a puppy was like raising any other puppy of any breed or mix. She would grab things off the edge of the table and chew them to pieces, Pee in the house and even bite at your ankles. She grew out most of those things.
Now that she is older, you really see that she has her own personality.
And like any animal, you have the good and the bad.
My good experiences with her is that she is a loyal dog, affectionate and very sweet. She walks around the house like she is checking up on us. She saved my grandfathers life when he had a stroke and collapsed on the ground.
The bad though... She barks nonstop and will bark at nothing. She is bathroom trained but when she goes outside, she barks to the point we have to drag her in and she doesn't go outside. And ends up peeing in the house. We cant leave her out or she will bark. No muzzle or shock collar works.
She is very protective of my grandmother. I can not go near her or she will lunge and attack me. She has a few times. A lot of the times she will attack and bark at me for no reason as i leave or enter my own room.
She is not friendly with other animals,especially dogs. We have exposed her and socialized her since she was a puppy but still doesn't like other canines.
Last but not least of the bad experiences, Leave food out, room open with food in it or food in a open trash bin, she will make a mess and eat it. We have to have closed and tall trash bins along with pushing food far away from the edge. She also has the gall to snatch food from right infront of you from your plate.

I thought my grandmother and i were having this problem but i found out not too long ago that border collies and shepherds are really hard to work with. That they are too stubborn to work with.

All in all, If you have the patience,time and love for a Collie or a Shepard, i recommend it. They are loving and loyal canines but they are stubborn, and very hairy.

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