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Sweet MacKenzie


United States

Posted November 16, 2014

Mac was a fantastic dog in the brief time that he spent in this world. He was a very laid back dog in the house. While he did love attention at times, for the most part he would come and get his pet on the head and then go lay on his dog bed (which worked out great because my other dog was constantly glued to my side). He was very smart. He picked up training very quickly and learned all of his basic obedience commands within in days. Even as a young puppy he never pulled on the leash. It took a couple of days of walking and he was the model of what a dog should be like on a leash. Never tugged, never pulled, waited when you stopped, etc. I don't have any other experience with this mix of dog so it might have been totally unique to him, but given the breeds we believe he was a mix of they are very good herding dogs and eager to train.

He, for a puppy, was also very calm and tolerant of babies. We didn't have kids when we had him but he was around my very young niece (2 years old) and nephew (6 months old) at times and was gentle with them, even when they were pulling on his long hair and tail. He just laid back and took the abuse.

He was also a great companion animal for my other dog. They would play for HOURS together. We lived in the country amidst a bunch of farms and they would be running through the fields together as much as possible, only coming home when they were thoroughly exhausted, soaking wet, and covered in mud (and occasionally cow....).

Mac was also an excellent hunter, which surprised both me and my husband. We watched him chase and catch several rabbits! Of course, he always brought them home to share (we were also constantly taking him to the vet for deworming of tapeworm because of the love for rabbits). He loved to run and chase and needed lots of exercise to stay happy. If you have a dog of this breed they need a lot of exercise and a good place to run to get all of that energy out.

He also loved to be up high - he would sit on top of car roof watching everything that went by. Once we saw him stalk and successfully pounce on a mouse from his rooftop perch. Normally we didn't mind him being up there until one day he decided to get on my ragtop convertible and fell through the roof...

Unfortunately, due to the love to run and chase, occasionally Mac would chase the farm trucks coming up and down the road. Most of the drivers knew to look out for him (and a few other dogs on the road) but we made the mistake of letting him out first thing in the morning on a really foggy day. He was hit and we found him the next day after he had finally made his way home. The vet said he would live but never walk again so we decided to euthanize him. He loved to run and the idea of him spending the rest of his life (he was only two at a time) unable to walk was heartbreaking in and of itself. We know we made the best decision for him but we still miss him to this day. He was a great family dog!

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