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Little Lulu!


Michigan, United States

Posted August 4, 2014

If there could be only one word to describe Lulu, it would be ENERGY! Lulu loves loves loves being active. My fiancé and I were not looking to bring another dog home when we visited the pet store 3 years ago. We already had two senior dogs and cats! And I'll be honest, setting aside how absolutely adorable she was, it was actually the horrible condition of the store that sealed the deal for us. I know it sounds backwards, but I felt a huge need to "save" at least one dog from this horrible place. Luckily, the store was shut down by authorities months after we got Lulu.
When we let Little Lulu our of her cage, it was like releasing the ball in a Pinball game. She ran around that tiny room so many times, we could barely even see her. She was sliding all over the floor and running into the other cages and even the walls, just running as fast as her little legs could carry her.
At the store, she was labeled as a Miniature Australian Shepherd, but I seem to think that she has some Border Collie as well, because of her color. She's black and white, but has a little bit of red behind her ears. She's definitely smart, like an Australian Shepherd, and has the potential to learn a bunch of cool tricks. I also thinks she always needs something to do, and pleasing her owners is high on her priority list. It was very easy to train her to go in her cage, and she often sleeps in there on her own when we're home. She can also do pretty cool tricks like "dance pretty" where she stands on her hind legs and spins. When we take her for walks, she's adventurous and curious, but also remains constantly aware of how far back we are walking and checks to be sure we're keeping up.
The one challenge we've had so far with Lulu is when we have to leave her alone. Her anxiety level is extremely high. It's so bad that if we even walk to the front door or pick up our keys, she starts spinning around frantically in a circle and barking. She also has had a tendency to chew our things to smithereens if we leave her out (even to walk to the mailbox) or if she gets out when we're gone. I believe that it's just in the initial state of freak out when we're leaving that she chews on things, because she literally cannot control herself.
This aside, Lulu is absolutely the most fun, energetic, exciting, and hilarious dog I've ever known. She's literally bursting with personality. Lulu is our sidekick and provides hours and hours of entertainment and love. If you are an active family or individual with plenty of time to spend with your pet and train them, an Australian Shepherd or Border Collie would be a wonderful choice. Try to understand their need for activity, and comfortingly control them if they have anxieties. It's only because they love spending time with you.

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