Australian Shepherd / Australian Cattle Dog Mix

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Texas, United States

Posted May 3, 2014

I thought I was smart for knowing that there are two types of dogs: pets and working dogs. I wanted a working dog that was safe to play with the kids. We ended up with the world's cutest dog, a perfect mix of Aussie Shepherd and Aussie Cattle Dog.

Unfortunately, he is as vacant as a beach house in February when it comes to dog sense. His job is to tend the yard and chase away whatever was stealing my chickens and cats last year. Instead, he turns out to be codependent, sleeping on our porch and smothering us with love and neediness whenever we come outside.

To be fair, we don't really know how to teach him his job. I only had a dog as a kid, and my husband has no interest in dogs at all other than to help around the farm. I think he would like to learn, but truthfully we got him for free because he couldn't figure out how to work cattle for his previous owner. He's a cattle dog, so you can see the fatal flaw.

I think he will do well with agility training, so that is what we will start with him soon. First, though, I'd love to teach him NOT TO ROLL IN POO. It was gross enough when he started eating horse poo, but he rolls in the chicken poo and turns green. Poor guy, he's a pariah in his own family.

The BEST things about this dog almost outweigh all the rest. He stays home, which is wonderful because we don't have perimeter fence around our property. And he only barks when it's important. So he gets to stay, stinky fur and all. At least he's cute.

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