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United States

Posted October 23, 2016

When I was in high school, my parents inherited this dog from my older brother. My brother was moving away unexpectedly, and could not watch his 6-month-old puppy anymore, so it came to live with us.

Petey was the best dog I have ever encountered. He was extremely loyal to his family, especially my dad. Cattle dogs (Petey was a mix between Blue Heeler and Austrailian Shepard) can be known for being a one owner dog. While he was completely devoted to my dad, he also protected my mom and I and let us know when strange vehicles were coming into the driveway.

I lived on a farm growing up, which was great for Petey. These dogs love to run, and sometimes their herding instinct will come into play and they will try to gather people and animals into one spot.

Grooming was easy. With his slicked down, short hair, it was very low maintenance. The only time his hair was ever a problem was during his once a year shedding of his winter coat.

He was also very healthy over the years. He did have some arthritis in his old age, but I believe most dogs will. He lived till he was about 14 years old, a nice old age for a working farm dog.

Given the chance, I would get another of this breed. He needed a little bit of training, but his loyalty and friendliness has gone unmatched when I compare him to other dogs.

RIP Petey, I will never forget you.

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